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(Solutions) for Tomorrow

The Sustainable Development Goals

A Universal Call to Action

Our objective is to move the 17 interconnected Sustainable Development Goals forward by helping the global community rethink mobility and urban living for a future of more humane, sustainable cities.

Focus on SDG 11

Inclusive, safe, and sustainable human settlements for all.

for Tomorrow will begin with an effort to crowdsource and celebrate solutions to problems related to mobility and urban living. We are turning to local innovators, makers and doers to see what actions and solutions they are deploying in their community to make it safer and more liveable.

We’re calling for solutions to complex questions like:
- How can we reduce our negative impact on the environment while working to make cities more accessible?
- What can be done to design and integrate sustainable and inclusive transportation models which can connect better urban and rural areas?

We subscribe to the philosophy that innovative responses very often come from those closest to the problem, those who live it day in and day out. As the saying goes: the best expert on public transportation is the person who rides the bus every day! From engineers to designers to women and men living and moving around in cities, everyone everywhere can innovate and we need to tap into these solutions, to involve the civil society, the private sector, the development world to accelerate our progress towards the Goal 11, and more broadly the 2030 Agenda.

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We’re looking for projects that are innovative, on-the-ground responses to the challenges we all face in building more sustainable cities. As everyday people from all walks of life, our efforts to achieve SDG 11 and build more inclusive, safer and sustainable cities can make a real difference.
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