Edible Plates by Maquinnovación

An edible and delicious solution to abolish the waste currently caused by single-use plastic or styrofoam plates

Waste Management
Carlos Llanos
Edible Plates by Maquinnovación

Problem:   High volume of plastic and styrofoam are contaminanting fields, rivers and seas around the world. Those materials remain for decades in our ecosystems and are affecting our own health, for example, the increasing amount of microplastics in our daily consumed water.

Solution: We, me and my team in my company Maquinnovación, had built a new machine to transform flour into eadible plates, glasses, cutlery and food containers.Currently, we are using flour made of rice, plantain, wheat and corn. We had replace single-use plastic creating inclusive value chains around a new biodegradable and edible set of products.

Benefits : 

  • Acceleration of circular economy, for example, without a proper waste management, a plastic plate take more than 400 years to disintegrate in water meanwhile our edible plate takes 45 minutes.
  • New products 100% natural and biodegradable.
  • No water is used in washing dishes
  • Reduction of microplastics in water
  • Lower carbon footprint in comparison with plastic and styrofoam.

State of solution:

Edible plates for sale and Machines to produce edible plates for sale

Meet the solution owner

Carlos Llanos
Carlos Llanos
Maker and inventor
Trained to build machines. Passionate by dismantling them.
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