(Act) for Tomorrow

Hyundai Motor Company and the United Nations Development Programme launched for Tomorrow to showcase the work of people who are making the world a better place. This film is about some of them. It’s about the challenges they face, their solutions, and how their decision to act now has improved life in their communities and beyond.

Meet the changemakers and their solutions

Green mobility through loans for female entrepreneurs
Safa Tempo electric busses, traditionally driven by women, help address the air pollution problem in Kathmandu, Nepal. But getting bank loans is nearly impossible for these women. Sonika and her partner Tiffany have created a micro-loan system to help them reinvest in their busses. They’re levelling the social and economic playing field while fighting climate change.
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Re-icing the north with wind power
Cian Sherwin and his team hope to help people threatened by melting sea ice while fighting a problem with globe-spanning consequences. Their wind-powered Real Ice machine will pump water from damaged ice sheets and spread it to patch gaps in the sea ice.
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Lighting the future with solar street lights
Like in many areas with limited infrastructure, life in small Nigerian villages can come to a standstill with sunset. By teaching communities how to build and maintain their own solar-powered street lights, Onah Angela Amaka has helped many villages take back the night.
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Healing Waterways by Engaging Youth
Education is critical to a better tomorrow. Joaquin Cochero’s AppEAR solution brings environmental education to a new generation. This mobile app uses a game-like approach to engage youth in monitoring Argentina’s waterways and wetlands.
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Creating clean domestic fuel from repurposed waste
Fuel is scarce in Nigeria. People often have no choice but to cut down trees to burn. Felix Nworie advocates using briquettes made from domestic waste as a clean substitute. This will reduce deforestation by turning waste into an efficient and sustainable energy source.
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Meet our ambassadors celebrating our innovators on screen

Jessica Alba, for Tomorrow Ambassador.

for Tomorrow Ambassador

“Change comes from all of us, together.” ― Jessica Alba

Entrepreneur, sustainability advocate and actress Jessica Alba has been involved with for Tomorrow since day one. Over the last six months, she has helped us spread the word on social media and at the United Nations General Assembly. Her voice now serves as the driving force behind our latest short film that celebrates innovators from around the world.
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BTS, Hyundai Global Brand Ambassadors.

Hyundai Global Brand Ambassadors

“Tomorrow is here and people are already acting to make the world a better place.” ― BTS

Over the last few years, the Korean pop stars positive influence on millions of fans has boosted many social initiatives. As Hyundai global brand ambassadors, BTS has amplified Hyundai’s mission and connected us with people worldwide.
BTS, Hyundai Global Brand Ambassadors.

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