Nutribeads Bracelet

We created the Nutribeads Bracelet to educate young mothers in Nepal about the nutritional requirements of their babies. The bracelet’s colour- and number-coded bead system represents ages in a child’s development and their nutritional needs.

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Bonita Sharma
Nutribeads Bracelet

Growing up in a patriarchal society, I understood the discrimination against women from a very young age, and I had fallen into the trap of that mindset. Everything changed with education and training, which allowed me to recognize these barriers. I made it my mission to bring knowledge to other girls and women. 

Every year in Nepal, almost 50% of children below five years of age lose their lives due to causes associated with poor nutrition, inappropriate feeding, and lack of information. Many mothers do not have adequate access to complete or up-to-date information on the nutritional requirements of their children.


To address this, my team and I developed a simple life hack: the Nutribeads Bracelet, an educational tool that is used to make mothers aware of the nutritional requirements of children in their first two years of life. This bracelet is made of a set of numbered beads that indicate the age interval of the child. Each color in the bracelet represents a specific type of food that needs to be included in the developing child’s meal.


Nutribeads is a way to educate girls and women about the fundamental importance of nutrition, especially in the critical formative first years of life, but as a tool that educates, it is also a step toward their empowerment and towards gender equality.



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Bonita Sharma
Bonita Sharma
Co-Founder/CEO of Social Changemakers and Innovators
I founded Social Changemakers and Innovators, a youth organization that improves the health, nutrition and socio-economic status of women, children and girls. I was part of the BBC’s 100 Most Inspirational Women list in 2019.
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