Two kids on a bridge made of tree roots

For Tomorrow
the Documentary

Narrated by Daisy Ridley
Available on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube

A film about the faces of real change

Narrated by Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley, For Tomorrow — the Documentary is the story of grassroots innovators striving to create a more sustainable future. From a self-taught engineer who built a solar-powered car to a young woman with disabilities fighting for inclusivity, they are tackling sustainability issues on the ground and empowering their communities. Is the world ready to look elsewhere for solutions to our collective challenges?
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Countries available: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, French Guinea, French Polynesia, French Southern Lands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, St-Barthelemy

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Meet the innovators featured in the movie

  • Charu Monga (Pithoragarh, India)

    Professor Charu Monga is ensuring that children in remote areas have the tools to develop their problem-solving skills thanks to her educational backpack. In addition, a solar lamp is incorporated into the design to help students travel safely from school in areas where power outages are frequent.

  • Emmanuel Alie Mansaray (Freetown, Sierra Leone)

    Tackling air pollution, 24-year-old self-taught engineer Emmanuel built the Imagination Car, Sierra Leone's first locally made solar car, entirely from waste. Driven to address other issues in his country, he also built eight legs for amputees, and a solar-powered lamp. He is currently raising money to expand his project.

  • Jamila Mammadli (Baku, Azerbaijan)

    A writer and disability rights activist, Jamila advises the city of Baku to create a more inclusive subway system. Sharing her personal struggles, she is collaborating with local authorities and engineers to design an app for people with disabilities to get assistance on the metro.

  • Trinh Thi Hong (Da Nang, Vietnam)

    Noticing the pile of garbage and the stench of the streets, Hong found a way to turn food waste into cleaning products. Her business transforms 109 tons of waste into 51,000 liters of product per month. It has created employment opportunities for more than 400 women, giving them financial independence and new skills.

  • 10 de Agosto Farming Association (Ancolaca, Peru)

    This agricultural association is making the village of Ancocala agriculturally self-sufficient by structuring terraces based on traditional Inca knowledge. Located in the Andes, a region affected by climate change and water scarcity, the terraces help recycle irrigation water and protect crop fields from extreme weather conditions.

(BTS) for Tomorrow

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and BTS knows it. Watch the video below to see the members present the stories of three change-makers featured in the documentary.
Picture of An Tran, director of the documentary

“Intelligence and innovation aren’t only in laboratories and corporations - they’re happening in nature, kitchens, farms and school yards.” 
 An Tran, director