SpaceEra (A standard SPACE developed for the pandemic ERA and beyond): · Effective maintaining social distancing and other healthcare precautions. Quarantine/Isolation shelter proposal for COVID-19 Patients.

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As we all know how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected each one of us across the world, and the lockdown that followed was quite disheartening, it was during this lockdown period that I thought of doing something useful /productive for my country. Putting together quite many thoughts, I came up with the idea of creating a shelter home for effective quarantining. This prototype named SpaceEra serves not only as a safe quarantine shelter but also can be used as a shelter home in flood and earthquake-prone regions too. Below are the salient features of SpaceEra.


SpaceEra (A standard SPACE developed for the pandemic ERA and beyond):

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·         It's highly efficient during this pandemic period.


Though this project was made keeping in mind its usefulness in India (for its durability, cost-effective and easy to handle), the same can be used worldwide too.


·         Effective maintaining social distancing and other healthcare precautions for-

1.          Quarantine/Isolation shelter proposal for COVID-19 Patients.

2.          Hospital Incremental Proposal.

3.          Portable Washroom Unit.

4.          Portable testing Clinic Unit.

5.          The same shelter can be used for Migrants and healthcare workers. 

----   Multipurpose as the same can be used as -----


·      Night and food shelter

·      Refugee Camp

·      Army Base camp

·      Flood and Earthquake Relief Camp

·      Low-cost housing unit.  

Here is the back story :-

Case 1:- Mass Quarantine shelter for COVID-19 suspect/patient/migrant.

• Disadvantages:- If a single patient is positive there, there is a high possibility that it could be communicated to healthy individuals.

• Result:- Defeats the purpose of quarantine shelters, posing more individuals at risk of deadly covid and further inflating the number and pressure on already crumbling medical infrastructure,

Case 2 :- home quarantine for suspects/patients with mild symptoms.

• Disadvantages:- He/She can easily spread the virus to their family members, neighbours, etc.. Also, if the doctors visits the patients at their home, there is a high possibility of our Corona warriors to catch the virus and vice versa.

• Result:- More covid-19 patients mean more critical patients, resulting high pressure to medical system(Hospitals),causing high death rate, and economic loss.

• My Vision "Space Era"

A standard “SPACE” for Pandemic “ERA” and beyond.

If we can make small isolation units(SpaceEra) in every area/constituency comprising of Quarantine shelters/Isolation shelter ensuring social distancing amongst all patients, we can minimize the spread.

• Advantages:- Minimize the risk of community spread & contact transfer and at the same time providing the psychological comfort of being quarantined within one’s locality.

•Result Quarantined individuals & their families are spared from the alienization of the quarantine shelter as the individual would be quarantined not far from his home. This would eventually minimize the pressure on medical infrastructure, corona warriors and government.

My vision is for the colonies, crowded areas, hotspot areas where there is ,playgrounds ,open spaces ,etc.


My Covid-19 shelter design proposal can reduce the emissions in different kind of ways. The best advantages are :-

•          Portable

•          Durable

•          Easy Customization

•          Easy dismantle

•          Recyclable

•          Adaptable in extreme weather

•          Easy Construction

•          Lightweight yet tough

•          Time efficient

•          Cost-efficient

Its specific pandemic situation advantages are:-

•          Require Less Manpower -Can achieve social distancing during construction.

•          EASY TO CLEAN- Can be reused by new patients.


•          Easy to Scale -Can expand the space as per requirement.

•          Multi-purpose Use- Can be used as a Quarantine shelter / Isolation shelter/migrant shelter/healthcare worker shelter/ portable testing unit/ portable toilet unit.


My project is directly helping the humankind in this crisis. It is also covering the Sustainable development goals (SDG) i.e.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities 


Achievements latest by - 03/12/2020

1.     The project is appreciated by the Honorable HRD Minister of India, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Sir, and the HRD Ministry.


a.      Link-  

b.     Link -

2. Covid19 Lockdown Hero Honor By NDTV Media platform -


3.     The project is appreciated by UNHCR Spokesperson and Communication Officer Duniya Aslam Khan. 

4.     Youth organizations like One Young World, Queens Commonwealth Trust, UN Youth Envoy, etc also appreciated my work.

5.     Appreciation from Several Architects from GermanyIndia, Iran, South Africa, Turkey, US, Nigeria, Brazil.

6.     I also have got a response from the Exhicon group working with the Maharashtra govt. , they are willing to execute the project.

7.     Appreciation Awards: -

·        One in a Million Award by Multiplying Good (New York, USA)

·        Award by Smart Habitat Foundation (Delhi, India)  

8.     Ubuntu design group, Durban, South Africa is willing to execute my work.

9.  The project won several International and National competitions: -

                     i.     Best design project by PreprLab, California, USA(won 25,000 dollars AWS Credit)

                     ii.     Shortlisted under the top 20 call for Ideas Covid19 Pandemic in Ethos India.

                     iii.     3rd prize in International Creativity competition (won 1,510,000 IDR), Telkom University (Indonesia).

                     iv.     The project has won D'source corona challenge, IIT Bombay, Mumbai.  

                     v.     Appreciation in HDFC Art contest.  

10.  I am right now working with Architects in Nigeria for making the shelter design for Covid-19 patients.

11.  UAE SDG(Sustainable Development goals) team has also appreciated my work.

12.  Got responses from Various organizations around the world from the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, UAE, Africa, Japan, Sweden, Hongkong, UK, etc.

13. Youth Brand Ambassador at IIPT(Indian Institute of Project Technology) for the covid19 contest. 

13. Shortlisted in the World Architecture community awards from INDIA in the student category.

14.  Media Publication:-

a.      (21-06-2020)The project is published by Times Of India,  Link-


b.     India times LINK-



c.      My Covid-19 project got featured on the Zee News Media Platform(Zee Salaam).


d.     Interview at ETV news link -

e.      Under25News -

f.      (Can be used as flood relief camps)published in thepeopleAssam media platform -

g.  The Second Angle Media Platform:

h. The jamia Review :-

Instagram page: -

 Official Humans of Happiness-

Beyond Stories media –


Meet the solution owner

Kaif Ali is a 20 years old international Award-winning Architecture student, from India. He has done research on Covid19 shelter. His project is appreciated Worldwide. He is a true inspiration for the Youth, that we all can achieve great heights.
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