SIRAJ -Noninvasive Pressure Support Ventilator

Our aim was to design and test an affordable and easy-to build noninvasive bi-level pressure ventilator to allow a reduction in the serious shortage of ventilators in Africa.

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mohamed Aal
SIRAJ -Noninvasive Pressure Support Ventilator

Sudanese initiative for Manufacturing and Maintenance of Ventilators (SIMMVEN)

SIRAJ- Noninvasive Pressure Support Ventilator

Hospital-Grade Mechanical Ventilation


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the challenge

Africa and the Coronavirus Crisis

10 African Countries Have No Ventilators. That’s Only Part of the Problem.

Patients in under-resourced areas cannot be treated by mechanical ventilation given the unaffordable cost of conventional devices; here a low-cost, easy-to-build ventilator with open access details for free replication is designed and tested.

Aim: Current pricing of commercial mechanical ventilators in low-/middle-income countries (LMICs)markedly restricts their availability, and consequently a considerable number of patients with acute/chronic respiratory failure cannot be adequately treated. Our aim was to design and test an affordable and easy-to build noninvasive bi-level pressure ventilator to allow a reduction in the serious shortage of ventilators in LMICs.

Our Project SIRAJ- Noninvasive Pressure Support Ventilator

Based on Low-cost, easy-to-build noninvasive pressure support ventilator for under-resourced regions European Respiratory Journal 2020 55: 2000846; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.00846-2020

cost-effective medical equipment, such as mechanical ventilators, is likely to greatly increase in those countries. Moreover, mechanical ventilators are costly, which markedly restricts their availability and, consequently, the ability to adequately treat a significant number of patients with both acute and chronic respiratory failure in LMICs.

These issues are all the more evident in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, where even industrialized economies are encountering significant shortages in the number of available ventilators to meet the demands imposed by this disease.

Advantages of   SIRAJ- Noninvasive Pressure Support Ventilator :

•Our solution presents many novel advantages including:

••End-to-end clinician-informed design inclusive of all critical engineering touch-points

•Control systems that are designed to accommodate ARDS settings with positive pressure

•Price target under $200 and components allow for an entirely disposable unit

•Hot-swappable parts and power sourcing, with an easily controllable mechanical junction

•Fully constructed from DIY components and readily available parts

Total Cost of all parts <$300

•The total cost of the parts to make the device is expected to be under $250. This number is a significant decrease from the cost of entry-level ventilators with a starting price of $5000. For a DIY device, this price is arrived at assuming that equipment related to assembly are readily available and does not need to be purchased.

Components and Assembly

•SIRAJ is assembled from readily available, consumer off-the-shelf parts. The majority of components are intended for use as-is and easily ordered through online retailers or hardware stores. Other parts including casing and gears may be 3D printed or laser cut. Our design files include a Bill of Materials for each of the components, ordered, or fabricated.

Meet the solution owner

mohamed Aal
mohamed Aal
: Mohamed Abed el Aal /SHORT NAME (MOHAMED Aal)
- Biography Mohamed Aal (Born 20 December 1981) is an Sudanese Robotics& Drone Futurist and CO-Founder &Research and Development lead Engineer at legend technology. . Mohamed is known for his research in the Agriculture UAV for Combating Desertification and Land Degradation Africa. He was The winners of the British Council –Mashrouy Award 2016 and a semi-finalist in Dubai Drones For Good Awards 2015 Featured on Public Lab / Al Jazeera / Sky News.
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