Recycled plastic bench

EcoREactive workshop for plastic processing for HDPE type (2) has been opened. We turn plastic saved from landfills into interesting, useful things that can be used both in everyday life.

Waste Management
Artem Ipatov
Recycled plastic bench

The idea of the project of the public organization in Ivano-Frankivsk "Mountain Rescue Center" (GRC). Over the past three years, our members and volunteers have initiated and implemented a number of projects in the fields of ecology and environmental protection, security and the development of community initiatives.

In 2018-2019, we organized up to 30 eco-actions to clean the banks of the river Dniester.

It was then that the idea arose of the need to organize the possible processing of at least part of the collected plastic.

Stage 1.

Collection of plastic caps from bottles for the production of plastic sheets at eco-events and in schools.

Stage 2.

Production of large plastic sheets from the collected material on the specialized press.

Stage 3.

Cutting a plastic sheet into strips, which will later become slats on the bench.

Stage 4.

Production of a framework of a shop and assembly of a finished product.

Solution Owner - Nataliya Gasyuk

Meet the solution owner

Artem Ipatov
Artem Ipatov
Nataliya Gasyuk
Author of the project idea member of a public NGO.
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