Integrating E-motorcycles in Rural Malaysian Communities

Decreasing carbon emissions one electric motor at a time

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Adrian Lasimbang
Integrating E-motorcycles in Rural Malaysian Communities

Motorcycles are essential to many people's lives in Southeast Asia. In Malaysia, they are considered efficient and reliable due to their affordability and ease of use when moving through traffic. In rural parts of the country, they’re used for transporting agricultural products and building materials.

Despite their necessity, motorcycles run on ICEs (Internal Combustion Engines) that use fossil fuels. To help Malaysia in its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 45% by 2030, Adrian Lasimbang proposed a solution of introducing e-motorcycles to rural Malaysia. His solution is currently in the ideation stage, where he outlines how e-motorcycles could be implemented and what needs to be done by various stakeholders.

Adrian explains that e-motorcycles are battery vehicles that can be recharged at charging stations without the use of fuel. Since the power grid in rural Malaysia can be unreliable, these charging stations would get their electricity from solar panels installed on the roof. 

Current e-motorcycles are designed for urban use and cannot yet withstand the harsh road conditions of the countryside. Adrian suggests that 3-wheeled electric trikes could be invented as a more durable solution to transport goods in rural Malaysia.

There is a lot left to be done for Malaysia to fully adopt e-motorcycles. Manufacturers must design durable e-motorcycles for consumers and 3-wheeled trikes for delivery and transport logistics. Governments must incentivize manufacturers through tax incentives. Banks need to introduce special loan programs to make the vehicles more affordable to consumers. Additionally, conversion kits can be bought online that convert existing ICE vehicles into electric versions, shown below:

Adrian’s solution, if implemented, would address the following SDGs: Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9), Reduced Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11). 

Meet the solution owner

Adrian Lasimbang
Adrian Lasimbang
Solution owner
Adrian Lasimbang hails from Penampang and is a Co-founder of TONIBUNG; A social enterprise based in Sabah. He has over 20 years of experience in developing renewable energy and appropriate technology solutions to improve the livelihood of rural communities and address environmental issues. A self-taught innovator, Adrian has installed many micro-hydro grids electrifying indigenous villages across Malaysia and trained community groups in resource management and customary rights protection. TONIBUNG runs CREATE (Centre for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies), a training center that aims to empower rural indigenous youths. Adrian also served as a Senator in Malaysian Parliament from 2018-2021.
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