Human astronauts and radiation exposure

Due to the occurrence of cognitive development health issues in the human astronauts during their space walking due to the radiation exposure, the product builds an understanding of communications between the human astronauts in those space regions.

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Ashwini Sathnur
Human astronauts and radiation exposure

The detailed description of the product solution is provided in the website URL and link which is mentioned here below:-

The above mentioned website also provides a knowledge building and knowledge enabling documentation material which is based on the conceptual frameworks of the implemented product solution!

The product solution is created on the conceptual frameworks and Innovative ideologies of Accessibility and inclusive development.

When the human astronaut works on a space walking activity in the space regions, there would be an exposure to the space radiation.

Due to this exposure, there could be a possibility of occurrence of the cognitive development health issues.

The reference material for the study of the effects of the radiation exposure on the human astronauts in the space regions leading to cognitive development health issues is provided in the website URL and link mentioned here below:-

The product solution verifies and validates the existence of the cognitive development health issue and in these scenarios, the product solution titled "Human astronauts and radiation exposure" is provided to them.

The module which is included within the product solution is titled mobile - to - mobile communications. This features the subject areas of Accessibility and inclusive development depicting the category of human - to - human communication technologies. This feature ideally refers to the creation of new Innovative ideologies of artificial intelligence and digital technologies.

Since this module provides a necessary requirement of communication technologies, this solution could enable human - to - human communications on the surface of the Earth also!

An example of a reference case study of the Innovative ideology of accessibility and inclusive development is provided here below:-

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Ashwini Sathnur
Ashwini Sathnur
Ashwini Sathnur
Capacity Development Expert in United Nations Development Programme, Accessibility and inclusion, ITU - T Focus Group Digital financial services, ITU - T Focus Group Digital Fiat currency, and the ITU - T U4SSC Working Group blockchain 4 cities.
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