(Green Darner) Multirole Autonomous flying Robots

A flying Robots equipped with a SAP(smart agricultural payload ) flies over the fields to scatter acacia seeds to combat desertification and rang land degradation

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mohamed Aal
(Green Darner) Multirole Autonomous flying Robots

The challenge  Desertification in Sudan/Africa

 1: Introduction

 Desertification is the spread of desert-like conditions in arid and semi-arid conditions. It is a result of pressure from both climatic and human factors. Desertification in the Sudan has been accelerating at a faster rate over the last two decades, leading to loss of arable land. The main factors contributing to desertification include drought, population growth, the spread of extensive agriculture, deforestation, rapid urbanization, , the lack of economic institutions and the absence of social institutions which have tended to reduce the capacity of the local people to cope with the resource degradation problem.

Initiatives to arrest the desert encroachment must include improved cultivation methods like UAVs plant cultivations & health monitoring   management, reforestation and integration of livestock and crop production systems, coupled with good linkages to UAVs industries.

In the Republic of the Sudan a sum of 500000 km is directly affected by desertification. More than half of the Sudanese population lives within this zone which is and always has been the most active economic region with the largest towns of the country.

UAVs Measures To Combat Desertification In AFRICA

§ Improving the central places on the margin of the Sahara to enhance and control Animal.

§ Developing UAVs for combined millet / Acacia , Airborne Automated Cultivation.

§ Using UAVs for mentoring fire and wood plantations in the vicinity of settlements. 

(Green Darner) flying Robots  equipped with exchangeable payload  to perform :

 Environmental Measurements & collecting samples

 Combat desertification and rang land degradation

Precision agriculture and smart farming

 Automated cultivations methods

seeds Air pressure Control Software (serial out put command for automation )

command control the Seeds Electric (Air Pressure) Launcher with 3 method of exaction

Method A

pre-programmed serial command for planting seed over specific area example (one Acre) in hovering mod

Method B

ground control from pilot, farmer on the ground using information and laser pointer from the SAP onscreen video display

Method C

Automated cultivations pre-programmed serial command for planting seed over specific area example (one Acre) in fix wing mod (pre-programmed seed planting over GPS coordinates)


Seeds Electric (Air Pressure) Launcher

Electric-powered (Air Pressure) Launcher typically use a rechargeable battery 

(LIPO) to drive an electric motor, which cycles an internal piston/spring assembly in order to propel the Seeds. Automatic, round burst, and semi-automatic operation is These Launcher often attain muzzle velocities from 150 to 650 ft/s (46 to 198 m/s) and rates of 100 and 1500 rounds per minute. 

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Meet the solution owner

mohamed Aal
mohamed Aal
Mohamed Abed el Aal /SHORT NAME (MOHAMED Aal)
Chief technology officer CTO @ Legend Technology CO. LTD - Biography Mohamed Aal (Born 20 December 1981) is an Sudanese Robotics& Drone Futurist and CO-Founder &Research and Development lead Engineer at legend technology. . Mohamed is known for his research in the Agriculture UAV for Combating Desertification and Land Degradation Africa. He was The winners of the British Council –Mashrouy Award 2016 and a semi-finalist in Dubai Drones For Good Awards 2015 Featured on Public Lab / Al Jazeera / Sky News.
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