Efinity Ez Water Filter Cap

Mobile pump to generate water pressure to operate water filter system, without needing high electricity and infrastructure cost.

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Yu Mein Teng
Efinity Ez Water Filter Cap

While visiting the Aboriginal villages in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, Mrs. Yu Mein Teng took notice of the water condition in rural areas and the hardship of rural communities to get clean water. To solve this problem, she came up with the idea to enable water filters to work without an electric supply and with minimum pressure.

Efinity Ez Water Filter Cap is an innovative product that connects water filters, beverage bottles and hand pumps. With the pressure of the hand pump, the water in the bottle is pushed into a ceramic filter and the filtered water can be drunk instantly. The filter system can produce up to three litres of filtered water in one minute.

The operation of the water filter system is as follow:

  1. Fill the bottle with unfiltered water.
  2. Close the bottle with Efinity Ezy Water Filter Cap.
  3. Connect the air pump pipe into the cap tube inlet and ceramic water filter pipe into the cap tube outlet.
  4. Start pumping to filter the water.

This method is suitable for use in places where there is no electricity and tap water supplies. This product has already been utilized by several communities in Malaysia and has also received attention from charities abroad in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Meet the solution owner

Yu Mein Teng
Yu Mein Teng
Director Of Innovation at Efinity Social Enterprise
Mrs. Teng Yu Mein is a housewife turned innovator with the ambition to help the indigenous people and villagers in Malaysia obtaining clean water.
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