Bio Niger - Moringa Water Filter

Discover the solution initiated by Sahabi Souley, aiming to provide clean drinking water using Moringa leaves as a filtration method.

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Sahabi Souley
Bio Niger - Moringa Water Filter

In 2018, Sahabi Souley established an innovative method for filtering water using leaves from the Moringa, a fast-growing and drought-resistant tree in Tahoua, Niger. This technique uses Moringa leaves grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers to filter water. The purification properties of these leaves are also well known by medical practitioners.

In Niger, water sanitation continues to be an issue. Malnutrition affects more than one in four people, and about 60% of people over 40 years old suffer from diabetes or hypertension. Clean water helps the community fight against sanitation issues, malnutrition, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, digestion problems, and more.

First developed in the Tahoua region and then expanded to Niamey, the Moringa leaves water filtration method can be carried out with basic infrastructure and does not require specific equipment.

In addition to providing clean drinking water, this solution also generates income for Moringa producers in the Tahoua region. Moringa leaves are currently used for cooking oil. The surplus leaves are used to make Sahabi’s solution. With the creation of jobs in the community, the generation of income for producers and the fight against many health-related issues, Sahabi’s solution addresses the SDGs of no poverty (1), good health and well-being (3), clean water and sanitation (6), and sustainable cities and communities (11).

Today, Moringa drinking water is offered in sachets and bottles, both made of recycled plastic, although packaging is becoming an issue due to lack of financing. Bio Niger plans on developing national and sub-regional supply of the bottled product to approximately 20 million consumers.

Meet the solution owner

Sahabi Souley
Sahabi Souley
CEO of Bio Niger
Originally from Tahoua, Niger, Sahabi Souley is an entrepreneur and innovator. After participating in the 3rd and 4th editions of Agrobootcamp, he officially started his business, Bio Niger. The business works with organic products from the Niger regions, such as Moringa, to create water filtration systems.
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