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for Tomorrow

Watch our first-year anniversary event: a conversation about the future of mobility at the 76th United Nations General Assembly.
When for Tomorrow launched, we had no idea how far we'd come in just one year. 72 solutions shared by grassroots innovators like you have improved life in communities across 44 countries and beyond. Watch our one-year anniversary event below broadcasted on Sept. 29, 2021 as an official feature of the 76th United Nations General Assembly.

(Dialogue) for Tomorrow

This event features Paola Constantino, Head of Solutions Mapping at the UNDP Accelerator Lab in Guatemala, and Benjamin de la Peña, CEO, Shared-Use Mobility Center and Chair, Global Partnership for Informal Transportation, discussing the role of informal transportation in urban and rural areas.

Their conversation highlights the sector’s spontaneous ingenuity and examines how access to mobility can drive local economies and fight inequality. Our experts also look at how the private sector and policymakers can support the supply chain of these informal innovations to help them thrive. Following the discussion, the live audience had the opportunity to ask questions.

Meet our acclaimed speakers

Paola Constantino
Head of Solutions Mapping, UNDP Accelerator Lab, Guatemala
Paola is an advocate for spontaneous and organic transportation systems in urban and rural areas. Her framework includes mobility to have access to trade, education, supplies and social exchange. She is currently involved in the Solar Tuk Tuk initiative in Guatemela.
Benjamin de la Peña
CEO, Shared-Use Mobility Center
Chair, Global Partnership for Informal Transportation
Benjamin explores the transformative role of information transportation in urban planning. He’s worked on issues such as green technology and is deeply committed to creating inclusive systems, policies and infrastructures. His ideas have been featured in Citylab, Atlantic Cities, Next City, FutureEverything and TED City 2.0.